Next generation fund analysis

Benefit from our infrastructure and analyze your funds using quantitative portfolio analysis & analyze sentiment data and carbon footprint.

P/E ratio:


Quantitative Portfolio-Analysis

Leverage our existing infrastructure & automated processes to analyze your funds for your strategy alignment, allocation, sectors, metrics & more.

Risk modeling
Allocation & Sector distribution
Allocation & Sector distribution
Benchmark & Performance
Fundamental analysis, drawdown, correlation matrix
Diagrams & further analyses

Alternative data such as sentiment or ESG data

Analyze your funds using alternative data such as sentiment or ESG data. Get even deeper insights into your investments and show clients or in sales pitches that you have even more data and insights than other fund managers.

Sentiment Risk:

ESG Risk:

42,1 Tons of CO2/$M Sales


Record the carbon footprint of your funds. Using specially developed algorithms, our system records the CO2 emissions (Scope 1 + 2) in your portfolio. Recognize how ecological your investments are and set new standards in sustainable investing.

About us

Our Mission

At Bavest, we want to make financial data and alternative data analysis accessible to everyone using modern technologies like artificial intelligence. In doing so, we also want to provide access to companies so they can build even better products and services.

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