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A unified platform for every application

Bavest's infrastructure enables fintechs, banks, asset managers and retail investors to access real-time financial data, alternative data such as sentiment or ESG data, and analyzes data with AI, such as the carbon footprint of funds.


Bavest is the first platform that makes data engineering obsolete. Use our API to access pre-built & already trained AIs and real-time financial data.

Quantitative analysis

Bavest enables fintechs, banks, asset managers and private investors to access large data sets and quantitative analysis & saves cost and effort for own cloud or other infrastructure.


Bavest relies on state-of-the-art technology standards and replaces the complex APIs & user interfaces of traditional platforms with an intuitive experience.

Alternative Data

In an increasingly complex world, alternative data is indispensable. Bavest aggregates & analyzes alternative data, creating entirely new levels of capital market analysis.

                import http.client
                conn = http.client.HTTPSConnection("")
                payload = "{\n  \"symbol\": \"AAPL\"\n}"
                headers = {
                    'Content-Type': "application/json",
                    'x-api-key': ""
                conn.request("POST", "/v0/stock/fundamentals", payload, headers)
                res = conn.getresponse()
                data =

Infrastructure & Data in one API

The Bavest API enables efficient development through flexible data access. Use our API & infrastructure to access pre-built & already trained AIs, real-time financial data, sentiment & ESG data and focus on developing your platform. Get started today: Our developer-friendly API and SDKs allow you to implement efficiently and quickly.


Powerful tools for your investment research: Analyze stocks, ETFs and portfolios. Analyze stocks in depth using quantitative tools, an extensive data set, and real-time quotes.

Next generation fund analysis

Benefit from our infrastructure and analyze your funds using quantitative portfolio analysis & analyze sentiment data and carbon footprint.

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Wall Street without the walls


historical data

Far back historical data for over 50,000 securities.


Risk Scores

Over 50,000 risk scores based on financial data, sentiment & ESG criteria.



Detailed data on 50,000+ securities. And our stock universe continues to grow.



Analyze all tradeable ETFs on one platform.

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