Your source for financial data & quantitative analysis

Analyze stocks in depth using quantitative analysis, an extensive data set and real-time quotes

Realtime Data

Track stock prices in real time. So you always have the latest overview.

Annual and quarterly reports

Track key balance sheet, income statement and cash flow metrics immediately after publication. 

Key figure analysis

Recognize the development of the company's figures with the help of colored markers.


Read the most important news about companies and stay up to date.

Dividend overview

The latest dividend payouts at a glance, so you can quickly identify trends immediately.


DPredefined peer groups and exclusive tools make it easy to find the companies best suited for comparison - even in specialized industries.


At Bavest, we summarize important stock market events for you. We also analyze stocks and macroeconomic factors for you in the briefings.


We use artificial intelligence to analyze investor sentiment on the stock market.

Analysis tools

Use tools to analyze stocks and find stocks that fit your investment criteria.

Institutional quality financial data

Bavest provides data from over 45,000 stocks and gives you access to data of a quality that professionals on Wall Street have. You don't have to search for data for a long time, in the Bavest platform you have everything in one place. We collect data from quarterly reports and annual reports and make it available to you.

Fundamental data is analyzed with algorithms

We aggregate fundamental data and analyze it for you with state-of-the-art technology. We then present the data in such a way that you can make objective & data-based long-term investment decisions, far away from the noise of the market.

Real time data

You can find stock market prices everywhere. For private investors, however, realtime quotes are very expensive and inaccessible. Bavest provides realtime quotes for over 45,000 stocks. In addition, we provide real-time price data for indices, so you see the price movements when they really happen and not later than other market participants.

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Filter stocks by criteria

Bavest's stock screener allows you to filter stocks based on all metrics and parameters. You can also save filters and find stocks according to your investment criteria.

Quantitative stock comparison

With the Compare Tool you can analyze stocks of your choice in depth. Compare performance and key figures and get an understanding of which stocks are a better fit for your portfolio.

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Discover more powerful tools from Bavest

Equity Research

Analyze stocks quantitatively and drill down into company metrics. Perform detailed due diligence to see how the company is performing.

Portfolio Tracking

Securities are often invested in multiple portfolios and with multiple brokers. The portfolio function of Bavest automatically summarizes accounts and positions and gives you a complete overview of key figures and much more.