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Companies that use natural resources responsibly and minimize pollutant emissions not only protect the environment. They reduce regulatory risks and thus benefit their economic success.

Social wellbeing

Responsible companies are committed to treating all external and internal stakeholders fairly. They engage in the communities in which they intervene and thus create acceptance for their actions.

Corporate Governance

Companies that treat their employees fairly, pay them fairly, have transparent decision-making processes and create a safe working environment are also economically successful.

Climate Strategy

The climate strategy assesses the company's trend in terms of CO2 savings and climate-friendly trends.

Percentage of Women

The proportion of women plays a greater role in the social risk assessment, as this provides a good indication of how companies are positioned.

Industry Activities

Here, contracts and revenue streams are analyzed to determine if sales fall back on business with alcohol, tobacco or weapons.

Companies and their CO₂ footprint

Bavest analyzes resource consumption, pollutant emissions and energy efficiency of companies. After all, companies that use natural resources responsibly and minimize emissions not only contribute to environmental protection. They also reduce regulatory risks and secure their long-term economic success.

Protect human dignity & promote diversity

The fair treatment of external and internal stakeholders along the entire value chain is essential for long-term business success. Bavest considers gender diversity, occupational safety, health protection and the promotion of social engagement.

Investing responsibly

Investing money for the long term and investing sustainably are not mutually exclusive. For this reason, we at Bavest have developed the data analysis that enables you to invest responsibly using ESG criteria. We provide ESG data for over 40,000 stocks.

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Equity Research

Analyze stocks quantitatively and drill down into company metrics. Perform detailed due diligence to see how the company is performing.

Portfolio Tracking

Securities are often invested in multiple portfolios and with multiple brokers. The portfolio function of Bavest automatically summarizes accounts and positions and gives you a complete overview of key figures and much more.