Track & analyze all your portfolios in one place

Keep track of all your portfolios and analyze them on allocation, beta and much more

Multiple Portfolios

Track all portfolios in one place.

Import Feature

Import your portfolios via a BaFin-regulated API without entering all securities individually.

Key Figures

Key figures such as the alpha value help you to assess whether your portfolio is performing better than the market.

Sector Overview & Allocation

Through the sector overview and allocation, you can identify overrepresented sectors and securities.


The overview of the different countries helps you to avoid a cluster risk.

Transaction Overview

See at a glance what transactions you have made.

Analysis & monitoring of your portfolios

Keep track of multiple portfolios in one place and analyze them for risks, beta factor and much more. With the Bavest Terminal and the simple user interface you have all important metrics and analysis of your portfolios in one place, so there is no need for tedious entering of your Portoflio data into Excel.

Identify risks quickly

Quickly identify cluster risks and look at portfolio statistics. Determine how well diversified you really are and optimize your country and sector allocation.

Portfolio metrics that matter

We analyze your portfolio 24/7 in the background and provide you with the metrics you really need. When you import your data via the API, this data is securely processed in Germany and monitored by BaFin.

3000+ banks to import your data

Securely link your bank account to the Bavest terminal. You can also import more than one portfolio and track and analyze them simultaneously.

Security at bank level

We have implemented the highest security standards. The API is regulated and supervised by the BaFin. We do not store any access data and have read-only access. Your data is only accessed if you have consented.

are already tracked via Bavest

Our users are our best representatives: Already over 70 million € are tracked and analyzed via Bavest.

Discover more powerful tools from Bavest

Company Research

Analyze stocks quantitatively and drill down into company metrics. Identify how the company is performing through accurate due diligence.

ESG Research

Analyze companies from an ESG perspective and look at the ESG metrics analyzed by Bavest. Identify whether an investment is consistent with your values and how to classify ESG risk.